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Bankruptcy Litigation

If you feel like you are buried in debt and will never be able to dig your way out, bankruptcy may provide you the relief you need and give you a fresh start in your financial life. One-size-does-not-fit-all in bankruptcy litigation. There are different types of bankruptcy proceedings and which one is the best option for you depends on your specific circumstances. A Southwest Florida bankruptcy litigation attorney will help you decide At Champeau Law, we have more than 13 years of experience aggressively assisting debtors and creditors in asserting and defending claims in complex bankruptcy litigation. We work in the Federal Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Florida. Contact us for assistance.

Consumer and Commercial Bankruptcy Practitioner

Despite the best of efforts to secure alternative arrangements, individuals and businesses struggling with significant debt may be forced to opt for bankruptcy proceedings. Although potentially devastating, the bankruptcy process does not necessarily have to leave those who go through with it in complete financial ruin. With the assistance of a Southwest Florida bankruptcy attorney from Champeau Law, it may be possible to emerge from commercial or consumer bankruptcy with one's dignity and one's financial future intact. If you are considering the prospect of consumer or commercial bankruptcy and require high-quality legal representation, place your trust in Champeau Law.

Mortgage Modification

Despite the best of efforts, some Florida homeowners find themselves struggling to keep up with high mortgage payments. Eventually, if they miss enough of these payments, they may be faced with the prospect of losing their homes. When such situations arise, instead of simply giving in to the lender's foreclosure demands, it is wise to consider pursuing mortgage modification as an alternative option. With the assistance of a Southwest Florida mortgage modification attorney, the loss of a beloved home can be avoided.

Negotiation of Debt

When someone has an overwhelming amount of debt, bankruptcy is not always the answer. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate with credit card companies, banks and even your mortgage company to work out successful options for repayment. When you are wary about considering bankruptcy but feel you could benefit from a more structured repayment plan, contact a southwest Florida debt negotiation attorney for assistance. Call Champeau Law today and talk with one of our debt negotiation attorneys.

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