Consumer and Commercial Bankruptcy Practitioner

Despite the best of efforts to secure alternative arrangements, individuals and businesses struggling with significant debt may be forced to opt for bankruptcy proceedings. Although potentially devastating, the bankruptcy process does not necessarily have to leave those who go through with it in complete financial ruin. With the assistance of a Southwest Florida bankruptcy attorney from Champeau Law, it may be possible to emerge from commercial or consumer bankruptcy with one’s dignity and one’s financial future intact.

Gregory Champeau works diligently with creditors and debtors to peacefully resolve difficult bankruptcy cases. Champeau Law boasts a stellar reputation in Southwest Florida, and, as such, is the perfect resource for clients dealing with consumer and commercial bankruptcy.

Commercial Versus Consumer Bankruptcy

Prior to filing for bankruptcy, it is important to understand whether it is wiser to approach the situation as a consumer or as a business. Typically, when struggling individuals think of bankruptcy, they think of consumer bankruptcy. This process is focused on consumer debt, which may include houses, medical bills, cars or other personal possessions. The goal of consumer bankruptcy is to either restructure or completely eliminate consumer debt.

In commercial bankruptcy, a business or an individual seeks to eliminate business debt. In some isolated cases, an individual may choose to file for consumer and commercial bankruptcy at the same time, particularly if that individual has personally guaranteed significant business expenses.

Working With A Southwest Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

Whether you are looking to save your business, your home or your car, you can benefit from the assistance of a talented Southwest Florida bankruptcy attorney. The right lawyer will be able to negotiate both with lenders and debtors, ultimately developing an agreement that works in everybody’s favor.

Ideally, bankruptcy should be the last resort for those desperate to escape the ravages of debt. However, if this approach proves the best option, it is best pursued under the guidance of a trustworthy Southwest Florida bankruptcy attorney.

Gregory Champeau of Champeau Law boasts a long and successful history of defending the rights of both creditors and debtors in the Middle District of Florida’s Federal Bankruptcy Court. His proactive approach makes it possible for him to achieve satisfactory case resolutions for his clients, even those who think that their bankruptcy cases are completely hopeless. If you are considering the prospect of consumer or commercial bankruptcy and require high-quality legal representation, place your trust in Champeau Law.

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